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NiX Proxy Checker

[NPC] - NiX Proxy Checker is state-of-the-art Linux CLI proxy checker and scanner in one. Checking and scanning proxies has never been this fast and reliable. The tool offers unbeatable 24/7/365 proxy automation support with never-seen-before features. There is no equivalent linux tool in terms of automation, features and reliability.

Built-in database support allows you to maintain a proxy blacklist and you can run a decent proxy site out of the tool. After you've used it, you'll see how it will outright beat any other tool.

Supported operating systems: All Linux 32 and 64bit operating systems are supported.

The GUI version of NiX Proxy Checker Linux CLI is named [NPS] NiX Proxy Suite and is available for both Windows and Linux. Learn More about NPS (Windows/Linux) GUI version

Refund policy: All sales are final and non-refundable.

NiX Proxy Checker is a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription, with free lifetime updates.

Video introduction to the software NiX Proxy Checker video

Requirements: PHP 5.3.x - 5.6.x and MySql server 5.1.x+ if you want to use database support. The MySQLi extension is also supported.


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Proxy Checker (CLI)

  • It is multi-threaded, up to 4,000 connections and up to 1,000 simultaneous threads.
  • Protocol Auto-detection: Check for all proxy types; HTTP and SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and SOCKS 4/5 proxies in one check, with extremely fast and reliable checking speed.
  • Unlike with other proxy testing tools, working proxies are ready to be used during the proxy checking process. There is no need to wait for the whole checking process to finish.
  • Working proxies are being added on-the-fly into the database. The proxies detailed information is always available allowing you to run a decent proxy site out of the tool.

    NOTE: The information you see in the screenshot below is partial because it does not fit on this page.

    Database format is as follows: 'ipaddr port proxy hostname country_code country_name region city proxy_type connect smtp proxydns listed anonylevel connect_time total_time custom_site_passed google_passed proxy_detected last_checked'

    CSV format is as follows: Proxy,Proxytype,Hostname,AnonyLevel,Country Code,Country Name,Ping,Total Time,Listed in Google,Custom site passed,SSL,SMTP,SOCKS 5 ProxyDNS,'Last checked' EPOCH timestamp
  • You may check your lists for individual proxy types.
  • You may choose whether or not to check all proxy types for:

    SSL CONNECT ability
    SMTP Mailing Proxy ability
    Google passed proxy
    SOCKS 5 proxies 'Client cannot resolve hostname' ability if you want most recent proxy
  • Built-in 'Proxy IP to Country' information. This feature is powered by NiX IPDB and has a 99.5% accuracy rate detecting IP to Country. All queries for this feature are queried against a local binary file. The binary file will be updated automatically whenever there is a new version available.
  • It will categorize your proxies to L1 (High Anonymous), L2 (Anonymous) and L3 (Transparent) proxy lists with detailed information about each proxy.
  • Shows during checking real-time progress meter and estimated time remaining.
  • Proxy checker is fully customizable based on your preference.

Proxy Scanner (CLI)

  • It is multi-threaded, up to 4,000 connections (2k proxy scans / second per instance) and up to 1,000 simultaneous threads. Multi-process support (12 x 2k) which effectively results in a speed of 20k proxy scans /second. The software is designed for scanning the entire internet on auto-pilot.

    Scanning proxies is the same as checking proxies. The proxy scanner does it all in one scan using your proxy checker settings; therefore you won't ever need to use any other tool.
  • The entire IPv4 address space is included in CIDR format for each country.
  • Protocol Auto-detection: Scan reliably for all proxy types; HTTP and SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and SOCKS 4/5 proxies in one scan.
  • Scanned proxies are being added on-the-fly into the database allowing you to run a decent proxy site ouf of the tool.
  • It has a powerful proxy scanning modes. The subnet scan mode has also a batch support which allows you to scan the entire IPv4 address space on auto-pilot. Mixed ports or port ranges are also possible.
  • Running the scanner at full potential, one can effectively scan 155+ million proxies a day just using one instance of the software. Still doubt our speed and reliability? Please watch the introduction video.

Command line options


Brian S

NiX Proxy Checker is beyond ridiculous, if you have the money to spend absolutely do it. The exclusive lists, the gui and the linux script are a god send. Everyone says their scraper is 'the last one you'll ever need.' This is it, I can not for the life of me see how it can get any better. He literally spent hours today setting up and teaching me how to use the linux script, after today I'm dropping all my private proxies and just running this.

Ralph L

Hi Nix, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the NPC CLI version of your proxy checking software. I've tried a bunch of windows based proxy checkers and have not been happy with any of them. Most are slow, can't handle many threads and are sadly very inaccurate. After trying and being unhappy with the widows based proxy checkers I started to look for something that would work with my linux servers that I could use to help automate some of my proxy checking task. After trying some opensource proxy checkers and seeing how bad they worked I came across your website that was offering a commercial linux proxy product.

I've since purchased it and I'm releaved how well its works and that I now have the solution I've been looking for all this time. NPC is super fast, efficiant and most important accurate. I'm able to test and verify tens of thousand of proxies in just minutes!

Michael P

NIX is definitely the ultimate tool for scanning for proxies. I have been using it since the first day i purchased this. It's a wonderful tool that enables me to scan millions of IP addresses within less than 24 hours! The proxy checker feature is also extremely fast and reliable and it's easy to use too. The tool does what it says and it does it efficiently.